History of the Margaret Todd

Margaret Todd at Dock in Bar Harbor

Margaret ToddThe Schooner Margaret Todd replaces her predecessor the Natalie Todd, which sailed from Bar Harbor for so many years. This unique 151′ four-masted schooner was conceived and designed by her owner, Captain Steven Pagels. Named after Capt. Pagels’ grandmother, the Margaret Todd was built over a two year period by the Schreiber Boatyard in St. Augustine, Florida, and was launched on April 11, 1998.



The hull and deck are made of steel. The wood topmasts, gaffs and booms are made of native Maine spruce by Elk Spars of Bar Harbor. Almost all the woodwork was custom made in Southwest Harbor, Maine. Her windlass, which is used to hoist the anchor, comes from a Delaware Bay oyster schooner, and the standing rigging was made by the Hamilton Seine Loft. The four masted schooner rig, steel hull construction, and double centerboard design make the Margaret Todd unique on the east coast.

Margaret Todd

Margaret Todd sailing Frenchman Bay.


***Exciting News!! The Margaret Todd has BRAND NEW SAILS! They were completed and delivered late 2015. We are so excited to rig her for the 2016 season in her new stunning upgrade!! Images coming soon!!!

The Margaret Todd carries nine sails on her four masts. The large sails are called, from front to back, the foresail, mainsail, mizzensail, and spankersail. (These sails are named after the mast which carries it). The five smaller sails are the jib topsail, inner and outer jibs, staysail and the spanker topsail. In the spring of 2003, Captain Ed Zimmerman rigged up ratlines for the Margaret Todd. These rigging ladders enable the crew to climb aloft without using a Bosun’s chair.

Technical Information for the Margaret Todd:

Length overall — 151′ Hull length — 121′
Beam — 23′ Displacement — 150 tons
Draft with centerboards up — 5’9″
Draft with centerboards down — 12′
Sail area — 4,800 square feet

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