Image 1

Gone Fishing
A guest on our fishing trip just caught one while our deckhand finished up with an earlier catch. She soon turned around to unhook, clean and bag the next fish.

Image 2

Bald Eagle
A Bald Eagle as seen while on our fishing trip.

Image 3

Kelp Cod
A Kelp Cod catch by one of our fishing guests!

Image 4

Up close
A catch as seen still on the fishing line.

Image 5

Egg Rock Light
Egg Rock Light as seen in passing while traveling to our fishing destination.

Image 6

Bald Eagle
Active Bald Eagle as seen on our fishing trip. They often feed near where we fish as they know that is likely where the fish are!!

Image 7

Two For One!
One of our guests surprised but happy to catch two fish at once.

Image 8

Ironbound Island
Ironbound Island as seen from the fishing trip. Sent in by Linda Lunt.

Mutiple catch

Guest with his catch
One of our fishing guests holds up a few fish he just caught while on one of our trips.

Ironbound Island

Scenery while fishing
Beautiful scenery is plentiful while out in the bay fishing with us.