Frequently Asked Questions

  • Cancellation and refund policy
  • What is the cancellation policy?

    If we cancel a trip: In the event we cancel the trip for any reason, passengers will be offered an opportunity to reschedule or be given a full refund. EXCEPTION: Groups and Charters will be refunded through the Central Office (Cherryfield, ME).

    If you would like to cancel your trip: Passengers may request a refund by filling out a Refund Request Form. 24 hours notice is required. Refund requests will be issued through the Central Office.
    NOTE: All Reservations cancelled within 24 hours of the scheduled trip will be forfeited.
    NOTE: All Reservations within 24 hours of the scheduled trip CANNOT be rescheduled.
    There will be a 10% processing fee applied to all refund requests.

    Groups and Charters requesting a refund may fill out a Refund Request Form. A minimum 2 week notice is required.

  • About the Weather
  • What if it rains or there is fog?

    We monitor many different forecasts and will make a decision regarding cancellations based on those, to include the marine forecast. We do not necessarily cancel for rain and/or fog. We want our guests to enjoy the sailing experience and Maine weather can change on a dime, this is part of that experience. The marine forecast is often misunderstood for land lovers. We need to base our decision on many factors, keeping the safety of our passengers as the highest priority.

  • Parking
  • Where do we find parking?

    Unfortunately, we do not have designated parking for our excursions (Bar Harbor) however, there are many public parking lots available in Bar Harbor. Most of the public lots have a time limit of 3 hours to include the lot on the far corner of Main and West St. as well as the lot located at Main St. and Newport Dr. Street parking, in town, has a 2 hour limit however, further outside of town offers several all day street parking options. (a few blocks down West St. is one good option.) Parking tickets, as of the time this is written, are $15 through the town of Bar Harbor. The free Island Explorer Bus is another good option.

    Winter Harbor: Parking is available at the Schoodic Marina. Utilizing the Island Explorer Bus is another great option.

    Cranberry Cove Ferry: Parking is available at the UPPER TOWN DOCK

  • Attire
  • How should we dress?

    Please keep in mind that it is generally 10-15 degrees cooler out on the water. We recommend bringing along layers of clothing. Feel free to bring a blanket. Ponchos may be helpful on those misty days however, do to wind, we do not recommend use of umbrellas while on our vessels. (Do feel free to bring them along for use after your boating trip).

  • Food and Drink
  • Are we allowed to bring food and drink?

    Yes! Please feel free to bring along food and drink on any of our vessels. Small to medium sized coolers are acceptable. We recommend bringing simple foods, treat it like a picnic and bring everything you may need to include condiments, utensils, bottle openers, etc.

    We do allow alcohol, however, we have a strict policy of one beer per person of age or a glass of wine per person of age. No hard alcohol, only beer and wine allowed .   Our sole discretion is used at boarding. Thank you.

  • Pets
  • Are we allowed to bring our dog?

    Yes! Pets are welcome on our Windjammer and Ferry cruises providing they are on a leash.

    For the Chrissy, it is a the captains decision based on size of the dog and how many passengers are book on your trip. This is due to the smaller size of the vessel.

    We don’t recommend dogs on our fishing trips because of the longer duration of the trip and for their safety. We don’t want them to catch a hook! We ask that you consider these things before bringing your dog along. .

  • Bathrooms
  • Are there bathrooms on the boat?

    There are heads on board all vessels except Chrissy. We do recommend using the facilities on land prior to your trip .

  • PFDs (Life Jackets)
  • Do you provide life jackets/vests?

    We do have both Adult and children PFDs available. It is not mandatory to wear them while on our vessels however, they are available if you feel more comfortable wearing them while enjoying the excursion. Our crew is happy to assist you.