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Private Fishing Charter-Eider

Enjoy a 3 hour fishing trip on Frenchman Bay.

Quick Details

Bring a picnic!

Bait and Tackle provided.

No fishing license is required.

$ 750

Take Your Friends on a Private Fishing Charter from Bar Harbor, Maine

‘Eider’ is a Classic Downeast 37′ lobster boat designed and built by the legendary boat builder Osmond Beal. She was built in 1971 as the final evolution of the wooden Beals Island lobster boats. She shares pedigree with one of Osmond Beal’s boat creations, the famous ‘Corned Hake,’ a winner in the World’s Fastest Lobster Boat races in the 1980s.

These sea-kindly lobster boats ride the waves like a duck, hence the name ‘Eider,’ and slip through the water easily with only a modest engine. The masterful construction and smooth ride makes them ideal for fishing charters in Bar Harbor, Maine.

‘Eider’ has spent the first part of her life as a commercial lobster boat and is now available for your own private Bar Harbor fishing charter of up to 6 guests. Plus your licensed Captain.